Nneka and Mr Raw complete the One decade in the Music Industries

The Nigerian artist Nneka and Mr Raw are the young, creative and energetic performer of the Nigerian music industries both are popular as the rapper of the country music and makes them a niche in the country singing industries and the African and several western countries still today many memorable songs and the music albums are released with their lovely songs and also perform the remarkable stage show with the other top artist of the industries.

Mr Raw and the Nneka are the stage name of the respective Okechukwu Ukeje and Nneka Lucia Egbuna and both are the born in the Nigeria, they are the song producer, singer, model and the music icon for the new comer singer or singing artist in the industries they earn the good reputation in the industries.

Nneka – the best soul and hiphop Female Artist

Nneka is not just popular in the Nigeria music compose industries but also outside of the country typically she performed the mind blowing performance at the cargo, London in July, 2009, along it she is the experts in the playing Guitar or in the decade career she is performing on the many stage show and released the several music albums and the many songs solo or with the many other famous artists.

Nneka actively come with the music industries in the 2004 before is working with the DJ Farhot this year she got a chance to perform her singing talent for the Sean Paul (well-known artist of the dancehall) and this performance open the door of the professional singers or musician and two – three years of the beginning career she perform on the many western and Europe countries.

The Uncomfortable Truth is debut Nneka Music Album EPs (Extended Play) category and it is recorder of the Yo Mama Recording and launched in the 2005 and this albums is achieve the creditable popularity in the Nigerian song collections. During Nneka decade singing career she performing on lots of stages in Nigeria and the other countries likes the Australia, Switzerland, UK… beside it she acts in the movies the Lake of Fire is the example of it.

Mr Raw – a local boy of the Lagos

Mr Raw is the one of the famous personality of the Nigerian Music Industries and know as a musician, singer, actor or the model and Mr Raw is come in actively in the professional artist after winning the AMBO (Amstel Malta Box Office) reality show. Actually Mr Raw during his college education performs the play on the stage however he is the famous for his music talents.

The many songs of the Mr Raw songs Album ‘The Greatest’ is the very famous in the launching years still today, Raw launched his music albums in the title under 80 To 90 (feat. Gentle) in the march of current years and the title songs of the albums is the top in the Mr Raw songs along it three other albums are released under his job.


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